Freelance Journalist.

Prefers Being Barefoot.

Lola Rosario is an emerging poet, freelance journalist, and translator. Her first poetry chapbook, Daughter de Borikén (Editorial Pulpo) is out in the summer of 2024. With poems featured in The Hound Magazine, The Acentos Review, and Thin Air Magazine (Honorable Mention), she continues to explore Spanglish, using it as a tool to connect with fellow diaspora-displaced puertorriqueñes and other of her hermanes around the globe.

Lola’s social justice reporting has been published in NACLA, Palabra,  Latina Media, Green Left (Australia), Hip Latina, Latino Rebels, and TodasPR, among others. In the summer of 2023, she was among the recipients of The OpEd Project’s Write to Change the World. Her feminist musings appear in Rights of Equality, where she is the Caribbean/Latin American Contributing writer.

Hailing from New York City, in November 2021 (after a transformational  trip to Tanzania in January of the same year) she moved to her ancestral motherland of Borikén. Lola lives in the vibrantly beautiful jewel of Loíza where she creates her poetry (almost always barefoot) and offers community yoga sessions.


Acknowledging the Indigenous Taíno and Iñeri, the Arawak Peoples of Borikén, on whose unceded lands my work is created. In gratitude for and in honor of our wondrous Arawakan and African roots.